Snowmobile Preparation & Safety Guidelines

Snow Mobile Preparation and Safety

Avoid a winter disaster by using this guide on snowmobile preparation and safety.

The temperatures dropping could be a bummer, driving you indoors. Alternatively, though, you can make the most of them! A snowmobile makes it possible to do just that, and if you’re the proud owner of one of these machines you’re probably looking forward to the snowy season ahead.
Before you hop on your ride, though, use these guidelines on snowmobile preparation and safety to make sure an accident doesn’t freeze over your fun.
Get Your Snowmobile Ready…
Before you fire up your ride, clean it up and check for any necessary repairs. Check for worn belts, loose screws, cracks, and other visible signs of damage. Use a grease gun to get all your snowmobile’s lubrication points (your owner’s manual should list them). Drain your gas tank and add fresh fuel, then top off brake fluid and coolant. Finally, clean your carburetor.
… Then Use These Safety Tips.
Once on your snowmobile, remember to always wear and helmet and provide every passenger with a properly fitting helmet as well. Never drink and drive your snowmobile. Make sure you dress to fend off the winter cold, and carry a first aid kit with you. Don’t deviate from clearly marked trails or areas you know well to avoid getting lost or hitting stumps or other hazards hidden under the snow. If you’re driving at night or through forested areas, make sure to slow down so you can have ample time to respond to dangers.
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