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Does My Auto Insurance Provide Coverage for Drivers?

Auto insurance is designed to protect vehicles in multiple situations, and the flexibility of this policy makes it such a great asset to acquire. However, some situations demand further clarification. For instance, what happens if your vehicle suffers damage when you aren’t behind the wheel? Perhaps a unique situation has arrived, and your friend needs to borrow your vehicle. Maybe

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Sold Your Car? Know When to Cancel Car Insurance after Making a Sale

You’ve decided to sell your vehicle. However, there are a few things you need to get in order before you proceed with the sale. For example, you might still have insurance on the vehicle. As you prepare for an upgrade, figuring out when to cancel car insurance on the vehicle you no longer possess is important. Why Canceling Car Insurance

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5 Ways to Save on Insurance as a Young Driver

Whether on their parents’ policy or on one of their own, young drivers will often pay more for their insurance than older, more experienced drivers. There are many ways to save money and lower insurance premiums. A few of the options are simply common sense, but others will require a bit of work. In the long run, each one is

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10 Traffic Tickets That May Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

To assess whether you practice safe driving and aren’t a risky policyholder, your auto insurance provider will analyze your traffic data for the past few years. They’ll usually consider your driving record along with other factors when calculating your car insurance rate. A recent study shows that some traffic violations/infractions may increase your annual auto insurance premiums by more than

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When Can I Pause/Cancel My Auto Insurance?

Searching for auto insurance can be a complicated process. Most people are looking for policies to keep them covered on the road at all times while also being protected against possible disasters. However, there are times when you may feel that full coverage isn’t necessary and reducing your coverage makes the most sense. Maybe you don’t plan to do a

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