Ways To Save Money On Small Business Travel

Girl at the airport windowLooking For Ways To Save Money On Small Business Travel? We Can Help!

Business owners know that some things simply have to be accomplished in person. Consequently, business travel is likely a line item on your budget each quarter. While you know the travel is necessary, you probably do not love the expense that comes with it. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to control these costs.

Here are a few ways to save money on small business travel.

  • Lengthen Your Trip: It may sound crazy that taking more time out of the office could bring down your travel costs, but if you can tack on a day or two to see clients in the area, attend a networking event, or line up a couple of presentations with potential clients in the area, you will maximize your travel investment.
  • Choose Secondary Airports: Whenever you have the option, opt for the secondary airport (e.g. Oakland instead of San Francisco, Baltimore instead of Washington, D.C.) and you will have an easier time finding cheaper flights. Your rental car will likely be cheaper, too.
  • Get On The Phone: If you are trying to book your room last-minute, call the hotel directly and talk to one of their reservations staff. Asking if he or she can do any better on the price can land you with a discounted room or, at least, a couple of breakfast vouchers.
  • Pack For The Plane: One of the easiest ways to quickly spend unnecessary money is at the airport and on the plane. Pack your own food, and you can save yourself big money over the year’s travel.

Another great way to save money for your small business is by working with insurance experts to ensure you have the best coverage at the best price. For all of your business insurance needs in Chatham, Hudson, and the surrounding New York area, contact Lofgren Agency today.

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