Ways to Keep your Home Warm During Winter

Modern residential window with snow and trees

Winter is coming! Keep your home warm during the colder months with these tips.

Nearly halfway through November, there’s just no denying that winter is on its way. Whether you’re a fan of the chilly months or prefer balmier temperatures, you want to come home to a cozy house. Does that mean you have to rack up a huge heating bill? No!
Here are just a few ways to keep your home warm during winter without facing exorbitant heating costs.

  • If you have a radiator attached to your external wall, line the back of it with heat reflective aluminum foil. This will reflect heat that would otherwise disappear through the wall back into the house.
  • During the day, open curtains and blinds. The sunlight streaming in is a free source of heat you can capture!
  • Did you know that carpets were invented to insulate floors? If you have flooring such as wood or tile, lay down rugs to keep up to 10 percent more heat in your home.
  • If you have rooms in your home that aren’t regularly used, keep their doors closed. This will keep hot air in the rooms where you need it.
  • Do you have a chimney leading to a fireplace you don’t use? If so, use a chimney balloon. This inexpensive device will keep cold air out and hot air in, minimizing heat loss through your chimney.
  • Invest in thick curtains. A lot of heat is lost through windows, but you can minimize the damage by hanging thick fabric to keep closed over the windows during the cold nights.

We hope these tips help you keep cozy this winter. We also hope you can enjoy your refuge from the cold knowing it is completely protected. To get the homeowners insurance you need in Hudson, Chatham, or elsewhere in New York, contact Lofgren Agency today.

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