What to Know About Valuable Items & Your Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NY

Valuable Items homeowners insurance Policy In NY

Not all policies are created equal! Make sure your valuables are covered with valuable items homeowners insurance Hudson NY.

While you may already have a homeowners insurance policy, your valuables may not be covered. Your policy likely has a limit on what can be recovered in the event that your home is damaged. In the event of a disaster, you may need extra insurance to cover your valuables like jewelry or family heirlooms. Here’s what you should consider when deciding to purchase a valuable items homeowners insurance policy in Hudson, NY.
Determine what your current policy covers.
Review your current policy and read the fine print. Perhaps your policy does cover some of your property! If it doesn’t, proceed to purchase an additional policy.
What do you need covered?
After learning what your current policy does and doesn’t cover, determine what valuables still need coverage. Coverage for valuable items can be used to protect electronics, china and silverware, jewelry, fine art, and even musical instruments.
Benefits of valuable item homeowners insurance.  
Broad coverage – Most valuable item coverage provides worldwide coverage and can even be expanded to cover accidental breakage.
Automatic coverage of new property – New purchases of up to 25% of your current insurance are automatically covered! Make sure to notify your agent, though, as the automatic coverage is only good for a short time.
Settlement – In the event that your property has gone missing or is damaged, your loss is settled by either the cash value of the item, repair or replacement of the item, or the applicable amount of the insurance.
Valuable sets – In the event that a part of a set has been damaged, most policies ensure you’ll receive the value for the full set. This coverage will general take effect only after you’ve turned the remaining parts of the set over to your insurer.
Make sure your prized possessions are covered with a valuable items homeowners insurance policy in Hudson, NY! Lofgren Agency in New York serves all your personal and business insurance needs in Chatham, Hudson, and beyond! Contact us for more information.

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