The Risk is Never Worth it – Don’t Drink & Drive this Holiday Season

Driving a carUnfortunately, the most joyous time of year marks some of the most dangerous holidays. Since holiday cheer is often associated with having a celebratory beverage in hand, drinking and driving rates skyrocket, meaning vulnerability on the roads is significantly heightened. Whether you are just stopping by for one drink after work or celebrating all night, it is imperative that you refrain from getting behind the wheel. We want you to remain safe and for the holiday season to be joyous, which is why we have gathered these essential holiday safety tips:

  • Convenience with the simple click of a button transfers into getting a safe ride home as well. Nowadays, you can download smartphone applications such as Uber and Lyft that act as immediate taxi services. Simply download this free application, click “Find me a Ride,” and you will be receiving a safe ride home within minutes.
  • If you are in a group of friends that attend all the same parties, set up an alternating system where one person is the designated driver for one party, and then the system continues. This will ensure that everyone gets his or her fair share of fun while everyone gets home safe.
  • Did you know that drowsy driving could be equivocated to driving intoxicated if you are deprived of sufficient sleep? If you were stuck in the office all night and have been awake for longer than 18 hours, it may be dangerous for you to navigate the roads. Make sure to load up on caffeine before driving while drowsy.
  • Most importantly, if you are unable to get a safe ride home for any reason, DO NOT DRIVE. The risks for both you and others on the road are simply not worth it. If you need to, sleep it off and wait until it is safe to drive home.

Happy Holidays from our team to your family! We highly encourage you to celebrate safely and responsibly, always choose the safest route! Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your New York auto insurance needs. Your safety is our main priority!

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