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Understanding How Fault Is Determined in a Car Accident

It’s up to insurance agencies to assess a car accident fault determination when claims are filed. Since it’s not always clear who or what caused an accident, insurance companies only rely on evidence presented to them by their clients. Here’s a look at what you need to know about factors that determine fault in an auto accident. What Insurers Review

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Tips on How to Handle the Aftermath of a Hit and Run

What to Do After a Hit and Run Some traffic incidents cause heart-pounding reactions, like stolen cars, car crashes, and near misses. Unsurprisingly, hit and runs can be one of the most upsetting. If the person that hit your car drives off, information is your best asset. Knowing what to do ahead of time might even help you track down

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Helpful Guiding Points For Handling A Car Accident Claim

Car Accident Claims 101 Getting in a car accident is never pleasant, even if you know the proper steps of filing a claim. However, those who experience their first car accident are often overwhelmed with anxiety, as they have no idea what information to collect, the proper way to respond, or who to call first. We want to help relieve

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When To Involve Your Insurance Agency In An Accident

A Few Cases When Your Insurance Could Serve You In a very minor fender bender, it might seem easier to settle the situation without involving the extra paperwork and hours that looping your insurance into the situation will require. There are a few instances, however, when settling a claim with your insurance agency will be both wiser and easier than

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