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Homeowners, Do You Need a Smart Alarm System?

Keep your home theft-free with a smart alarm system. Homeowners, are you doing everything you can to safeguard your property from damage and danger? While you may lock the doors at night and replace the batteries in the fire alarm every six months, your home may still be at risk. While you may have a traditional burglar alarm installed, it

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Benefits and Uses of Lavender

Check out the benefits and uses of lavender. Lavender is one of the most used herbs, known for a variety of properties. This herb is one of the most versatile out there: it can be used in baking, lotion making, gourmet cooking, tea making, sleep aid, and more! There are so many benefits and uses of lavender – Read on

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Review Your Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY Before Renting a Car Abroad!

Before you jet-set abroad, check with your insurer to learn what your auto insurance in Hudson, NY can offer you. If you’re jet-setting in the near future, you may consider renting a car at your destination. After all, this means more opportunity to explore the foreign country, freedom to take off on your own, and the chance explore to places

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Why Workers' Compensation Is Such An Importany Type Of Business Insurance

Your business insurance in Hudson, NY absolutely needs workers’ compensation. When you own a business, you care deeply about protecting it. You want to protect its reputation, its resources, and its most valuable asset – your workforce. Fortunately, there’s an insurance product that makes is possible to do just that. Workers’ compensation is designed to protect your staff. It also

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Business Owners: Answers To Your Workers Compensation Questions

A quick and easy guide to workers’ compensation for business owners.   Under New York state law, employers are required to get and continuously keep workers’ compensation coverage in effect for all of their employees. You know you need this type of policy, but do you know exactly what it offers to your business? So you can be apprised of

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