Enjoy Your Spring Break with These Road Trip Safety Tips

Stay safe on spring break with these road trip safety tips.

America is in the middle of road trip season. From early summer getaways to spring breakers, more and more people are taking to the roads to get away. Unfortunately, many of us are rushing to our cars without taking some simple safety precautions that could save us major problems down the road (literally).
Pack an emergency kit. It’s such a simple task that so many of us forget. Pack a first aid kit, blankets, water, a cell-phone charger, cash, jumper cables, and a flashlight in the trunk.
Stay focused. With a car full of teenage friends or young children, distractions are inevitable. Unfortunately, taking your eyes, mind, or hands off the wheel for even a moment may end in disaster. Leave your phone out of reach, the passenger in charge of the radio, and give activities to the kids to keep them entertained. You’ll find that your journey is laced with a lot of spring breakers that fill up the roads.
Get organized. Before you start any road trip, make sure you have everything you need. Set your phone to silent, put it out of reach, and turn on your navigation system so that you know where you’re going.
Allow enough time. Sure, everyone wants to get to their destination quickly. More importantly, you want to enjoy the trip that offers unique sights and stops. Research beforehand so you know where you can stop to stretch your legs.
Switch often. Make sure you have a co-pilot that you can switch off with when it’s time to rest up. This way, you can avoid drowsy driving, be plenty rested for the entire trip, and have yourself a nice time!
Inspect your auto. Nothing ruins a trip like getting a flat tire without having a spare 100 miles into the journey. Before you leave, ensure that your vehicle is in great shape! Take it to a mechanic for a full check up.
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