Helpful Tips For Preventing Spring Thaw Flooding

Prevent Spring Thaw FloodingAvoiding Water Damage As Spring Arrives
As spring quickly approaches, homeowners must start taking preventative action against spring thaw. The last thing you want to start the new season is a flooding basement and water damage. To ensure that you and your home are protected, we have gathered several helpful tips for how to prevent spring thaw flooding and who to call should flooding occur:

  • First things first, call your homeowners insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage. If you do not have flood insurance, chances are you are on your own when it comes to water damage coverage.
  • If flooding does occur, be sure to call a disaster repair and restoration contractor as soon as possible. These incidents are much easier to handle when you attack the problem as soon as you discover any flooding.
  • To prevent flooding you must keep water away from the foundation of your home. This is best done with the assistance of a sump pump. Make sure that your sump pump is in working condition before spring arrives.
  • If there is any snow surrounding your home, make sure that it is away from the foundation of your house. While this will be a strenuous task, it will be extremely worth it when you do not have to fork over thousands in repair costs.
  • It is also important to make sure your gutters and downspouts are not filled with debris, as this is the only way they can properly carry drainage away from your beautiful home.
  • Be aware of ice dams, as they can leave a magnitude of issues once they begin to thaw.
  • Most importantly, if you notice any flooding, be sure to handle it as soon as possible. This cannot be stressed enough.

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