How Can I Save Money on Business Insurance?

Finding Cheap Commercial Insurance


As a business owner, you know that every penny counts. You have to account for all finances and know where to cut back to save money. While you must have insurance, it doesn’t mean that finding the right policies must break the bank. Take a look at these tips on how to find affordable business insurance in Millerton, NY today.


Compare Quotes

It may be tempting to take out insurance from the first insurer you see online, but this may not be the right carrier or policy that suits your needs and budget. Spend a bit of time reviewing your options and narrow it down to three insurers. Ask for quotes from each of them and then compare them. Look beyond the premium and compare the carrier ratings, deductible, policy limits, and exclusions.


Bundle Up

Need to take out more than one insurance policy? Talk to your insurer! Many agencies will offer a discount on coverage if you take out two or more policies with them. A business owner’s policy (BOP) is the most common discounted insurance bundle for small businesses as it combines both general liability coverage and commercial property insurance.


Manage Risk

One of the best forms of saving money is to prevent accidents and disasters from occurring. Take steps in your business to limit the risk of damage and injuries, such as installing security systems, keeping the floors clear of hazards, and installing handrails on staircases.


Is your business covered? Let us help you find the right business insurance solutions that meet your needs and budget. Talk to the team at Kneller Agency today to get started.

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