Drivers Are Using Dashcams to Fight Fraud & Save On Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY

auto insurance in Hudson, NYMore and more drivers are using in-car cameras to help prove their innocence in road accidents and save on auto insurance in Hudson, NY.

Motorists in the U.S. are increasingly installing in-car, dashboard cameras in their rides to prove they’re not at fault for crashes. These dashboard cameras are essentially small, digital video cameras that are attached to the dash or interior windshield of your vehicle. They are available in single or multiple lens formats and starts recording when you turn on the car.
Why on earth would someone want to record their daily commute, you may ask? These little devices have been known to record the driver’s view from the windshield and are designed to capture events before, during, and after a collision. These dashcams are used to combat ‘crash for cash’ scams!
Scammers use deliberate or invented collisions and the exaggerated or fictitious claims which result to make a profit – unless the whole thing is caught on camera. As the entire collision is recorded with a dashcam, the police can use such evidence, as would an insurer, in helping to determine the circumstances of such an accident. Before you strap the cam to your car, take note of a few legal requirements:

  • The camera must not block too much of your windshield.
  • States may not allow the recording of people or events happening in front of your vehicle.
  • In some states, you must have consent from all parties if you are going to record their speech.
  • It is recommended that you tell all passengers that you have a dashboard camera before they get into your car.

In general, dashcams are not widely recognized by insurers at the present time. However, talk to your New York auto insurer to find out if one could help you save on auto insurance coverage for yourself, your vehicle, and finances! Contact Lofgren Agency for your auto insurance in Hudson, NY to get started!

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