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5 Life Insurance Mistakes You Must Avoid

Buying life insurance is something that many people don’t look forward to. It’s a relatively simple process if you know what your goals are. If you can avoid the most common pitfalls, you will be able to provide your family with a comfortable future and even benefits for yourself if you have the right type of life insurance policy. Here

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What Happens When Your Life Insurance Lapses?

A lapse in a life insurance policy signifies a period when the policy will not pay out a death benefit due to missed premiums. Missing a premium or two will not automatically result in a cessation of coverage. Sometimes, if a policy has a cash account associated with it, the money in the account will go towards the premiums for

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Why Do You Need Life Insurance as a Woman?

Women play several indispensable roles in their families. They take care of their home and all of the people in it. They schedule, clean, and take care of almost every aspect of the family’s activities. Often, they tend to overlook the things they need, especially when it comes to life insurance. There are times when they are so busy managing

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Understanding Exclusive Remedy in Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The risk of employees getting hurt or falling ill on the job is one of the many liabilities that businesses face every day. With workers’ compensation insurance, your staff is covered for benefits they might need if they suffer an injury or illness due to work. However, there is more to workers’ compensation insurance than simply protecting your employees. The

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Popular Ways to Use the Cash Value of Your Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is an asset to many people because of the multiple benefits that it provides. People often assume that life insurance policies only offer a death benefit. An often-overlooked part of life insurance policies is the cash value, which are funds you have access to while you are still alive. The cash value grows over the course of the

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