World's Strangest New Year Traditions

World's Strangest New Year TraditionsHow Is Everyone Else Ringing In The New Year? 
As we gather our most festive attire to celebrate the arrival of yet another year, it is always interesting to think about how others are celebrating on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. While you may be inclined to think everyone is watching the ball drop in Times Square and toasting with champagne, many will celebrate the arrival of 2015 much differently. Gathered is a list of the world’s strangest New Year traditions for your entertainment:

  • In Spain, everyone eats twelve grapes while counting down to midnight. This tradition began years ago when Spanish vineyard owners had a surplus of grapes and needed more customers.
  • In the Philippines, they believe the way to have a prosperous year is to wear polka dots and eat round fruits on New Year’s Eve.
  • In Scotland, they call their celebration the festival of Hogmanay and they parade the streets while holding giant balls of fire over their heads. This is a unique way of celebrating that involves driving away the bad of the year prior.
  • A famous Danish tradition has everyone jumping off of chairs once the clock strikes midnight.
  • In Sao Paulo, La Paz, the people wear brightly colored underpants to signify the arrival of the New Year. The color donned symbolizes their desires for the upcoming year. For example, someone looking for love would wear red underpants on New Year’s Eve.
  • In Greece, they hang onions on their doors and then tap their children’s’ heads with them as they wake up on New Year’s Day. This symbolizes the fresh start into the New Year.

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