Why Workers' Compensation Is Such An Importany Type Of Business Insurance

Workers Compensation & Business Insurance Hudson NY

Your business insurance in Hudson, NY absolutely needs workers’ compensation.

When you own a business, you care deeply about protecting it. You want to protect its reputation, its resources, and its most valuable asset – your workforce. Fortunately, there’s an insurance product that makes is possible to do just that.
Workers’ compensation is designed to protect your staff. It also protects your business, so carrying it benefits everyone. That’s a good thing, since you’re legally required to carry workers’ compensation if you have even one employee in the state of New York.
Workers’ comp will cover costs and lost wages your employee faces after getting sick or injured on the job. This type of coverage addresses both acute—or short-term—injuries and illnesses and chronic occupational injuries or illnesses. An example of a chronic injury is when an employee’s task puts repetitive stress on his joints, causing damage that requires surgery to undo.
This type of coverage will not only pay for your employee’s medical expenses related to these types of injuries and illness, it will also cover lost wages. That means your injured employee doesn’t have to worry about her paycheck not coming through while she recovers.
Workers’ comp isn’t just for your employees. It also protects your business. When you have this type of coverage, you eliminate the possibility of getting sued for these costs! This type of policy eliminates the need to point fingers in or out of court, protecting both your staff against financial burden and your business against legal trouble.
Do you have the workers’ compensation you need as part of your Hudson, NY business insurance portfolio? To make sure you’re properly and thoroughly protecting your staff and your business, contact Lofgren Agency. Our team of business insurance experts is here to ensure you have the coverage your business in Chatham, Hudson, or one of the surrounding New York cities needs.

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