What Are the Common Summer Homeowners Insurance Claims?

Summer means some time away from home due to vacations and holidays, but it is also a prime time for homeowners insurance claims. Whether it is because of the summer activities, weather, or property hazards, there are potential home insurance claims made in summer. Being aware of them is essential to be prepared accordingly.

Common Homeowners Insurance Claims During Summer

  • Water Damage Claim

    Rainstorms and thunderstorms in summer can bring ample water into your home, causing damage to your home’s belongings and structure. The worst part is that water damage, including damage caused by floods, is mostly not covered in a basic homeowners policy because the cost of repairs can be high. Therefore, you may have to customize your homeowners’ policy with an additional endorsement to cover flood-related damages.

  • Swimming Pool Claim

    While spending time in the swimming pool is the primary summer activity, it may increase the risk of accidents and injuries associated with it. For example, one of your guests may sustain injuries in your pool, or it may cause water leaks in your basement. All these incidents will likely be covered by your homeowners’ insurance.

    However, your claims can be denied if you are not compliant with the guidelines or precautionary measures mentioned in your policy. Generally, you must install a fence or pool gate around your swimming pool to protect you and others, and you have to maintain your pool properly. If you file a claim for an injury or damage caused by a lack of maintenance or protection around the pool, it will be denied.

  • Outdoor Fire Claim

    Backyard barbeques and outdoor dining are common in summer, but they may cause fire-related damages arising from grills, bonfires, cookouts, etc. While your home and personal belongings damaged by a fire will be covered by your homeowners’ insurance, it is important to practice fire safety, like cleaning your grills and fire pits and not leaving them unattended, and keeping the extinguisher handy. These measures will help prevent fire accidents and related claims.

  • Storm Damage Claim

    Summer storms, such as tornadoes, hail, and hurricanes, can cause costly repairs and damages to your home and personal property. It is best to schedule home maintenance before the summer to avoid such damages. While storm damages are covered by your homeowners’ policy, any damages caused by lack of maintenance or poor upkeeping will not be covered. For example, if an insurance adjuster determines that water damages are caused due to clogged gutters or roof leaks, your claim will be denied.

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Prepare Your Home for a Claims-Free Summer

Preparing your home like scheduling roof maintenance and repairs, gutter cleaning, and siding repairs will help prevent damages to your home, thus saving you from filing claims. Also, if your home is not current with repairs and maintenance, insurance companies may deny claims even for covered perils. Appealing denied claims can be difficult, so take time to maintain your home to enjoy a claims-free summer.

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Cover Your Home with Kneller Insurance This Summer

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