Using Or Driving Rideshare During The Coronavirus? Stay Safe With These Tips

How to Stay Safe While Ridesharing


If you, like many people, need to get back into daily life, you may be working for or using ridesharing services. There’s no doubt that Covid-19 outbreak has impacted our daily life. It’s a time when people are more cautious than ever before. To help you, whether you are a driver or passenger, stay safe during this time, read on.


As a driver:

  • Don’t drive while you’re sick. It’s common sense. There are many drivers that still drive when they are ill just to make a bit of money, but it’s wise not to so that the virus doesn’t spread. If you are currently ill or even feel a little ill, please do not drive.
  • Clean your car. Stock up on disinfection and clean your vehicle from the inside out. Make sure you spray all the touch surfaces, such as the door handles, seatbelt buckles, armrests, headrests, window buttons, seats, and all over your car’s control buttons. If possible, spray down anything a rider touches after each ride.
  • Put the water bottles, chargers, and treats on hold. Many ridesharing services encourage drivers to offer water, gum, snacks, and the use of a smartphone charger while in the car. However, this is just one more way to transfer illness.


If you’re a rider/passenger:

  • Don’t ride sick. If you’re sick or just feel slightly sick, don’t travel in someone else’s vehicle where you have the potential to get the driver and numerous passengers ill. Stay home and recover.
  • Wear gloves and a mask. The coronavirus can be contracted through touching a contaminated person, surface, and through the air. To help you – and others – stay safe, wear gloves and a mask while using a ridesharing service.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. If you need the window down, ask the driver. Feel a cough or sneeze coming on? Aim for the crook of your elbow. Avoid touching surfaces when possible.


These tips can help you while you’re traveling during this time. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact the team at Kneller Agency.

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