Parents, help your teen to be a safer driver with these tips and by securing reliable auto insurance in Hudson.
Current research shows that parents are not teaching their teens the necessary skills to be a safe and confident driver. While the professional instructor teachers your child the rules of the road and how to operate the vehicle, you, as a parent, can help to make your teen a safe and confident driver. Teaching driving skills could be a matter of life or death, so ensure that you can help your teen be better prepared behind the wheel. Here are a few challenges that teens should face with you in the car.
Nighttime Driving
Around 40 percent of all fatal crashes involving teens occur between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Driving at night poses challenges for inexperienced drivers due to poor visibility, fatigue, and greater increase of driver impairment. Take your teen out on a weekday night (when the roads are fairly quiet) to get them used to driving in the dark. Remind them the importance of headlights and when to use high beam lights.
Scanning the Road
Inexperienced drivers often only look directly in front of the car – meaning that they miss important details, such as pedestrians crossing the road or a red traffic light up ahead. Encourage your child to observe the road in front of them as well as to their left and right and behind them. Becoming aware of the surroundings will help them to avoid crashes and incidents.
Long Distances
Most teens practice driving on the same roads, for example, to the grocery store or driving home after soccer practice. When it comes to teenagers needing to drive different roads for a longer period of time, they should know how to face different challenges and longer distances. Take your teen on a mini road trip, allowing them to explore new routes and roads to increase their focus and confidence behind the wheel.
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