screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-11-00-26-amBanish those chilly, wintery morning starts. Tune up your furnace before the cooler weather hits.

In New York, we’re no strangers to cold starts in the mornings. Now that fall is upon us, and the temperatures are dropping, it’s time to prepare the home’s heating system for the winter months ahead. So that you can stay warm and cozy this season, tune up your furnace with these tips!
Furnace Fix Up:

  • Inspect the thermostat for proper operation.
  • Inspect the filter and change or clean as needed.
  • Check all electrical components and controls.
  • Oil the motors as needed.
  • Inspect heat exchanger for possible cracks. A crack in the heat exchanger introduces carbon monoxide into the living space.
  • Check the airflow. If it’s significantly low, it may be necessary to clean the evaporator coil.
  • Check the air-fuel mixture, where appropriate.

Heater Safety Help:

  • Before you turn on your furnace for the first time this year, check that nothing flammable is stored next to the unit.
  • Run your heater for a few minutes before you need it. Waiting until the first cold morning only to discover that it isn’t working will land you at the bottom of waiting list before a heater specialist can come to fix it.
  • Change the filters regularly! Dirty air filters restrict airflow and reduce energy efficiency.

Prepping your furnace now makes a huge difference in how well your home heats up in the winter.
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