Review these tire safety tips for keeping your teen aware.

Your teen’s driver’s education class focuses on the rules of the road and being an attentive driver. Even so, driving lessons miss out a suitable chunk of information: car maintenance. Knowing how to check and handle tire issues is a crucial part of staying safe on the roads.
Here’s what to teach your child about their vehicle’s tires.
A car’s tire pressure always fluctuates, but it’s important that they are at the right psi (pounds per square inch). The sticker in the doorjamb will list the manufacturer’s recommended limits for tires, but it’ll be up to you to inform and instruct your child on how to check and top up the pressure. Maintaining good tire pressure can improve the fuel economy and safety for drivers of all ages.
The traction that the tires maintain with the road is vital to road safety, especially in adverse weather conditions. When tires age and wear, their tread decreases, making for slick tires that could be dangerous. It’s easy enough to grab a penny or buy a tire check kit – but teach your children why it’s important and what to do if the tread is low. It is illegal to drive with bald tires, so getting them replaced before they reach the red is imperative.
Getting a flat tire is all part of life. Even the safest of drivers end up with a flat tire now and again! Make sure that your teen knows how to change a flat tire roadside so that they are prepared.
Part of keeping your teenager safe on the road is insuring them with reliable coverage.
Teaching your children safe driving habits and how to maintain the car is just part of keeping them safe. For protective auto insurance in Hudson, New York, visit the team at Lofgren Agency today!

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