Tips Everyone Should Use for Their Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NY

Homeowners Insurance in Hudson NYHomeowners insurance is there to protect your house and belongings.

Why wait until after a disaster to discover your homeowners insurance in Hudson doesn’t really have you covered? This is a sad reality for many homeowners who opt for the first policy they see online without considering their coverage, claims, or contents.
Insurance requires you to be a little morbid. You have to think about if you (and your finances) could withstand your home being burnt down, robbed, and suffering through a lengthy lawsuit. Although it may sound pessimistic to dwell on what could happen (carpe diem, anyone?), it’s important to protect yourself and your home from some of life’s biggest surprises.
If you’re a brand new homeowner or have owned your property for many years now, there are some universal tips when it comes to homeowners insurance. Read on find out more:
Understand the claims process. Two policies can promise the same amount of coverage, but can be vastly different when it comes to making you whole after a loss. You should understand how claims are handled, how you get reimbursed, and the standard timeline.
Take inventory. Filing a claim comes a lot easier to those who have a catalogue of their possessions and their values. Take a note of what items you own and their value, as well as digital evidence of those possessions. Don’t forget to keep these documents and files safe (we recommended keeping a digital and physical copy!).
Buy floaters. Many times, homeowners and renters policies limit the amount you can collect on big-ticket items, such as furs, jewelry, musical instruments, and fine collectibles. If this is the case, you need to pick add on a special policy known as a “floater” or “endorsement” or individually schedule those items into your policy to fully protect them from damage and loss.
Keep pace with inflation. While it may have cost you $100,000 to build your home ten years ago, but it might cost $120,000 to rebuild it today. Many companies have inflation guard, which covers the increasing cost of rebuilding.
Get earthquake and flood insurance coverage. These two natural disasters are not typically covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy, but are worth their weight in gold should your home and belongings be destroyed in such an event.
After a life-changing event, call your agent. Getting married? Getting divorced? Getting a pool in the back garden? The amount of insurance you need tends to fluctuate over the years. Be sure to keep your policies and inventories up to date!
Are you ready to receive quality homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY? Contact Lofgren Agency today to get started on your tailored policy for your New York home!

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