Timber Trouble: Protecting Your Car From Falling Limbs

Auto Insurance Hudson NYIs Your Vehicle Protected From Danger From Above?
April showers bring May flowers. As we get closer to summer, the storms can get more intense, though. In an intense storm that brings strong gales and heavy rain, the danger increases. Falling tree limbs are a legitimate concern. Luckily, you can barricade yourself indoors and wait out the storm. Unfortunately, that could mean leaving your car parked by the curb and hoping for the best.
If the storm brings winds strong enough to cause a fallen a tree limb and it lands on your vehicle, would you be protected? Sure, you have considered the coverage you need on the open road: from protection against uninsured motorists, to collision coverage against the cost of repairs, to liability coverage to ensure you are not on the hook for a big bill if you cause an accident. Have you, however, thought about the protection your vehicle needs when seemingly safely parked?
In order to be protected against damages caused by a storm and other costly issues while parked, including against theft and vandalism, carry comprehensive coverage. Then, if your car is damaged in a storm, contact your auto insurance provider. They will be able to help you begin the claims process, giving you the information you need to get an estimate on your repairs. Comprehensive coverage—when paired with service from your insurance agency—will ensure that you are able to get back to normal quickly and easily, even after something as seemingly catastrophic as a fallen tree limb.
Do you have the right auto insurance coverage to be protected from any dangers? To get the best auto insurance coverage in Chatham, Hudson, and all of New York, contact Lofgren Agency. We are dedicated to helping safeguard you against the cost of any damage to your car. So a fallen tree does not drop your bank account balance, call us today!

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