Things Car Owners Should Know: Fluids & Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY

Car Fluids & Auto Insurance in Hudson, NYIf you own a car, make sure you know enough about your vehicle’s fluids and auto insurance in Hudson, NY.

You don’t need to know how to dissect your vehicle’s engine to perform some basic car maintenance. Where better to start than with the fluids that keep it functioning? By pouring select fluids in the right spots, you can help keep your car in top shape. In fact, we think there are a couple things all car owners should know: what fluids and auto insurance in Hudson, NY their cars need. Let’s start with the liquid.

  • Engine Oil: You know you need to change your car’s oil, but do you wait until the sticker your mechanic put on your windshield says its time? You can easily test your oil yourself! There’s a dipstick under your hood that makes it extremely easy.
  • Transmission Fluid: The oil dipstick isn’t the only one under your hood. There’s also one to test your transmission fluid, which keeps your ride lubricated and cooled.
  • Antifreeze/Coolant: Did you know those are two names for the same fluid? Tackling lots of tasks, it keeps the water in your radiator from freezing and boiling, lubricates the water pump, and prevents corrosion. Your coolant tank will have minimum and maximum lines to make it easy to check your levels.
  • Brake Fluid: This fluid gets pressurized when you hit the brakes, and it’s what makes your brakes work. Without it, you’re in serious trouble. Check your fluid by finding the master cylinder (it’s usually at the back of your engine on the driver’s side) and checking that your fluid is above the minimum line.

Now that you know about the fluids your car needs, it’s time to think about its coverage. Is your auto insurance in Hudson, NY up to the task of keeping you covered out on the road? To find out, contact Lofgren Agency in New York.

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