Don’t Ignore These Business Risks


Operating a business inevitably comes with risks, which most business owners understand and are somewhat prepared to tackle. Unfortunately, there are some business risks that many owners overlook and, therefore, leave their company exposed. Take a look at some business risks you may have forgotten about.


Cash reserves – During times of economic uncertainty or for start-up businesses, it’s always recommended to reserve some cash for emergency purposes. Even if you operate on slim margins, the livelihood of your business requires sufficient finances to be run properly.


Personal liability – Especially in instances of smaller companies, one lawsuit could cause the entire downfall of the business. Even worse, if the business doesn’t have enough capital or assets to cover the damages, personal property and assets could be lost. Consider obtaining general liability protection, which will cover liability from lawsuits and other claims.


Poor planning – Being passionate about your business is essential. However, sometimes the entrepreneur rushes into the business without the proper business plan and execution goals. Goals, potential risks, and solutions should be mapped out so business owners know how to handle each situation.


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