Liability and Your Office Holiday Party

The holidays are a perfect time to get together with your team and celebrate the year’s accomplishments with some festive cheer. But have you thought about the liability implications around the staff holiday party? Since holiday parties are often synonymous with free-flowing drinks and quite a lot of merriment, it’s worth considering how you can protect your business throughout the party.


Improper use of alcohol at a company-sponsored party exposes employers to liability and workers’ compensation claims. You can reduce to risk by:

  • Hire a licensed bartender to serve alcohol and monitor consumption
  • Always serve food
  • Have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available
  • Forego hosting an open bar
  • Arrange alternative transportation so employees are not tempted to drink and drive 

Party Time

Alcohol can help us all to relax, but at a company party, this might lead to harassment or other inappropriate behavior. Reduce the likelihood of this by:

  • Have conduct policies in place before the party
  • Remind employees of the code of conduct
  • If an employee reports harassment, respond quickly and compassionately.

Liquor Liability Insurance

This coverage may already be included in your general liability policy, but always check with your insurer and ensure you have the right amount. This cover helps to pay for potential damages if your business is sued and found at-fault,  like in the case that a business over-served one of their employees who then drove home and caused an accident.

At Kneller Agency, we work with you to find reliable and suitable insurance to protect against the unexpected. Visit us today in New York to get started on your tailored coverage.

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