How to Handle Online Reviews for Top Success


If you own a local business, you’re well aware of how online reviews can impact your bottom line. Studies have found that 90% of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. That is why making online reputation management a key part of your marketing strategy is critical to your success. As with most things in business, there is a right way to go about it and a wrong way. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you get started.



  • Embrace online reviews – They aren’t going away any time soon. Your best strategy is to embrace reviews and leverage them to improve your reputation and grow your business.
  • Have a plan for managing them – This should not be improvised. Businesses should establish who in the organization is responsible for online reviews, guidelines for how to respond to reviews, problem escalation procedures, and how to use feedback to improve.
  • Respond to positive and negative reviews – Customers like to see businesses that can own up to mistakes and correct wrongdoings. If you entirely ignore negative reviews, you’re missing out on turning a sour customer into a repeat customer.
  • Ask! Having a steady flow of online reviews is important for your business. Reviews are user-generated content, which helps to boost local SEO.



  • Don’t wait to respond – You should respond to reviews as soon as possible, but no later than a few days after being posted. A fast response shows you appreciate your customers and their feedback.
  • Don’t use a template when responding – Avoid using the same wording when responding to reviews. Read each post and customize your response to every customer.
  • Don’t get angry – When you receive a negative review, don’t get angry and defensive. Cool down and then go back and read the review, and process the situation. Craft a polite and constructive response.
  • Don’t offer an incentive for positive reviews – While you can offer an incentive to leave a review, don’t ever only offer one for leaving a positive, 5-star review. Not only is it unethical, but it doesn’t provide an accurate picture of your business.


These tips can help you manage and obtain reviews that keep your business going. Now ask yourself  – Is my business covered? Let us help you find the right business insurance solutions that meet your needs and budget. Talk to the team at Kneller Agency today to get started.

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