Test Drives & Your Auto Insurance

Learning to drive a carTest Drives: Selling your CAr

More and more people are selling their cars themselves. With the advent of Craigslist and the networking social media offers, it is increasingly easy to get the word out about your for-sale car, drawing plenty of potential buyers your way. When they come, though, they might want to take your vehicle out for a test drive. Since you are dedicated to selling your car, you will likely want to let them.

If you are curious how your Hudson, NY auto insurance will protect your vehicle during a test drive, read on.

Before you start inviting buyers out to see your car, it is a good idea to call your insurance agent. Ask him or her exactly how far your policy extends. In most cases, you will be covered even if someone driving your car who is not listed on the policy gets into an accident, provided that person does not regularly drive your vehicle and he or she has your permission.
Then, plan the route for your test drive in advance so you will be familiar with the area and comfortable with the duration. Then, when one of your potential buyers asks to take your car out for a spin, ask to see his or her driver’s license. Check the expiration date to ensure it is still valid before letting him or her into the driver’s seat, and be sure to accompany him or her on the test drive to prevent theft.
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