Technology is quickly reshaping claims of Workers’ Compensation in Hudson.

New technology continues to reshape our world. It takes the form of self-driving cars, virtual reality, and 3D printers. Once thought to be cold and impersonal, technology is redefining our expectations and how we view a quality customer experience. Because of this, it’s no surprise that new inventions are changing workers’ compensation as we know it.
Check out what technology will soon hit the shelves to help your business’s workers’ compensation.
Smart Technology
With the rise in wearable devices and connected health initiatives, application programming interfaces (APIs) will begin to be integrated into mobile self-service tools to support injured workers in the system. Pharmacy cards will soon become part of a person’s digital wallet, increasing convenience and satisfaction for workers’ compensation patients needing prescription drugs.
When employees need emergency attention, they will no longer have to wait in the doctor’s office. Smartphones and video conferencing will now be involved in treating and diagnosing patients afar. An injured employee will be able to connect with a nurse or doctor and walk through the process of care.
Paperless Reports
Paper and electronic correspondence containing lengthy, written explanations will be replaced with video platforms and app support. Handling reports from a device allow employees and businesses to track the status of a workers’ compensation claim without all the paperwork.
It’s clear that with the rise of technology comes the hope of reduced workers’ compensation claims. For help fitting a policy to suit your business’s needs, visit Lofgren Agency, serving Hudson and surrounding cities in New York.

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