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Credit Score & Homeowners Insurance: How They're Related

Did you know your credit score and your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY are related? You know that your credit score played a big role in the process of buying your home. Did you know it matters when you insure it, too? You might be surprised to learn that your credit score impacts how much you’ll pay for your homeowners

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Snow Safety: Prevent Ice Dams & Carry Homeowners Insurance

Protect your home against the winter’s dangers with these ice dam prevention tips and Hudson, NY homeowners insurance. Ice dams might sound like something that would affect your local river but, in fact, they’re a hazard everyone homeowner who lives in the snow faces. They’re caused when snow melts of your roof, reaches the colder area at your eaves, and refreezes,

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Covered Causes Under Your Homeowners Insurance

Where Will Your Policy Protect You? Your homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to protect you. That does not mean, however, that you should just assume that it will kick in no matter what kind of disasters come your way. Your homeowners insurance will provide a number of standard protections, but there are areas into which it does not extend. So

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It Is Time To Invite Home Automation Into Your Life

The Benefits Of Home Automation Technological advancements are all around us, but would you invite technology into your home? Yes, you already have a television and all of your other tech devices, but what about actual home technology? Home automation is making headlines as these devices not only have the ability to provide homeowners with the utmost convenience, but home

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Put Injuries On Ice With Shovel Safety Tips

Snow Removal Tips For Your Sidewalks While the current snow brings a great excuse to get cozy at home with a mug of tea and a good book or gather friends and family indoors for important community time, it can also bring more work for you in the form of snowy sidewalks. If someone slips and falls on a walkway

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