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Will Auto Insurance Cover Deer-Vehicle Collisions?

More than a million motorists file insurance claims for deer-vehicle collisions every year. Deers are especially more common on the road in fall and spring. This is because the deer breed in fall, and there is plenty of food during the spring season. While it’s generally difficult to spot a deer in the dark, hitting a deer could mean expensive

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Does My Auto Insurance Provide Coverage for Drivers?

Auto insurance is designed to protect vehicles in multiple situations, and the flexibility of this policy makes it such a great asset to acquire. However, some situations demand further clarification. For instance, what happens if your vehicle suffers damage when you aren’t behind the wheel? Perhaps a unique situation has arrived, and your friend needs to borrow your vehicle. Maybe

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My Car Registration Expired – Is My Car Insurance Still Valid?

What You Need to Know About Car Registration and Insurance Many motorists have the question of if my car registration expires, does my car insurance expire, too? Does my auto insurance remain active even after your registration expires? Read on to find out more information about this topic. Generally, your expired vehicle registration will have no effect on your auto

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How to Understand Your Auto Insurance Quote

Decoding Your Car Insurance Quote Shopping for insurance is a fact of life for all motorists. However, most of us don’t get car insurance quotes as often as we should. Shopping for a policy can seem time-consuming and daunting, especially when you aren’t entirely sure what you’re looking for. You know you need car insurance to drive on the roads,

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Determining Fault in an Auto Accident

How to Find Who Was At Fault in an Accident More than any other factor, rates for your auto insurance in Hudson, NY are determined by your driving record. Good drivers with a clean history are likely to enjoy lower premiums, while drivers with one or more at-fault accidents must usually pay higher rates for coverage. However, even safe drivers

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