How Homeowners Insurance Protects More Than Just Your Home

Coverage provided by homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY often extends to much more than just the obvious. While many of us know the basics of what home protection covers, these surprising coverages mean that we’re better protected, both physically and financially. Check out what you didn’t know homeowners insurance covers.
Your college student’s possessions.
This away-from-home coverage comes in handy when you have children studying at college and living in the dorm. All parents know that their children take expensive items to college, from laptops to smartphones to TVs to textbooks. Fortunately, if there’s a dorm fire or theft, your homeowners insurance will help to step in to recover your kid’s possessions. Note that if your child is living off-campus, he or she will not be protected under this coverage and will need renter’s insurance of their own.
Your trees, shrubs, flowers, and other landscaping are probably covered by your insurance. Typically, only damage to trees and plants you purchased for the property will be covered. Take photos of your landscaping so that you have evidence of the damage, and call your insurer to help repair your garden after an incident!
Dog bites.
Liability costs for dog bites can be sky-high, even if Fido is more known for her bark than her bite. Fortunately, homeowners insurance policies generally cover the cost of getting sued thanks to your dog. However, some breeds are on a ‘high-risk’ list, meaning they will not be covered under this coverage.
Are you ready to find the right homeowners insurance coverage for your needs? Visit the team at Lofgren Agency to get started. We can help you understand the ins and outs of your policy so that you know where you’re protected.

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