Super Bowl Party Host Responsibility

Super Bowl Party and Homeowners LiabilityHow To Keep Your Super Bowl Party Safe And Fun

If decades and decades of experience are any indication, Super Bowl XLIX will bring excitement, tasty appetizers, and plenty of beer to many households in America. If you have been called off the bench to act as the host for this year’s Super Bowl party, you are likely dusting off your best appetizer recipes and digging that extra-large cooler out of your garage. There are, however, a few other things you should consider before your gathering.

As the host of this year’s Super Bowl party, you face some level of homeowners’ liability. The laws of social host responsibility vary in each state, but ultimately all point towards your task of protecting all of the guests in your home from danger.

One of the biggest obstacles to your guests’ safety will undoubtedly be the alcohol served at your party. While a Super Bowl party without beer would be like Valentine’s Day without chocolate, it is important to moderate the drinking at your party.

Work with your guests to make a plan for everyone to get home safely. Keep the number of a cab company readily available, or download a ride sharing app like Uber or Lyft to your smartphone to have safe transportation at the ready for your guests. Do not be afraid to take someone’s keys if he or she has had one too many; it is your legal and social responsibility to keep unsafe drivers off the road.

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