Do you know how to shut off your home’s utilities in an emergency? 

While natural disasters come in many shapes and sizes, and they can strike without warning. Along with having an emergency preparedness plan and a safety kit on hand, always know in advance where your utility panels are located in case of emergency. Here are some tips, in the event that you need to power down your utilities after a natural disaster.
Natural gas leaks can be dangerous, so you’ll want to shut off your gas supply quickly in an emergency. However, there are numerous different homes and different gas meter configurations. Shut-off procedures vary slightly. Ensure that you know what to do and where your gas main is located by calling your local gas company. If you ever hear a hissing noise or smell gas, get everyone out of the house immediately and contact your gas company.
Water is an extremely important resource after a natural disaster, so you want it to remain clean. Cracked water lines may pollute your water supply, so shut your water off after a disaster until you hear from authorities that it’s safe to drink. The water line that enters your home will have an easy to recognize shut-off valve. Locating the shut-off valve is important to do beforehand, so contact your local plumber for assistance.
If your home has a basement, the electrical circuit box is often located there, but this isn’t always the case. There may be two or more electrical panels in your home, one directly attached below your meter and more inside your home. It’s wise to locate all of them before you need to use them!
Knowing how to locate and turn off your utilities in your home will help in the event of an emergency or disaster. For the home insurance your house needs and deserves, visit the team at Lofgren Agency, serving Hudson and surrounding areas of New York.

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