screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-12-12-06-pmDoes your company have you go the go? Find ways to save money on business travel.

More and more businesses are going the extra mile (or the 5,000-mile round-trip) to provide for their clients. Going to meet business partners or vendors in person is much more personal than sending a quick email. These meetings may be necessary for companies to reach business decisions and financial plans, and it is often best done in person. Even though travel is a significant investment for a small business, there are ways to save money on business trips!
If your business has you on the move, check out these top ways to save on travel!
Expand your trip. If you’re flying to a business conference or customer meeting, add on an extra day or two. Use these days to meet with other clients, potential clients, or suppliers as a way to expand your possible return on travel investment. What’s more, you could save money by flying out on low-peak days rather than over the weekend.
Use smaller airports. If you have a choice, opt to fly out of Santa Ana rather than LAX; Oakland instead of San Francisco; Baltimore instead of Washington D.C. Your flight will most likely be cheaper, and the airport may be less hectic than an international airport.
Fly alone. Gear your team up to prepare documents and essentials needed for the trip so that you only need to fly yourself or one other team member. Save money by reducing the number of people you take.
Cash in your miles for business. Even though you were saving your flight miles for your round-the-world trip next year, it may be wise to spend them for business travel instead. For a vacation, you typically have plenty of time to research cheap fares. You’re more likely to need to book an expensive, midweek flight for business trips. Here is where you can finally use your miles!
Take snacks. Airplane food is salty and unhealthy, while airport food is extremely expensive. Instead of paying for overpriced, processed food, carry your own healthy snacks! To save more, buy sandwiches from a local shop rather than dining out during your stay.
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