Safety Tips When Driving With Pets

Safety Tips when Driving with Pets

Drive safely with your furry family member using this guide.      

Whether your pet loves to go for a drive or dreads the car, he or she probably has a unique set of issues in the vehicle. Overly excited pets tend to try to run around, while the more fearful ones are prone to “accidents.” All in all, it’s no surprise that bringing your furry family member along for a ride often leads to distracted driving.
If you need to hit the road with your cat or dog, utilize these safety tips when driving with pets to minimize hazards for everyone in the car and on the road.

  • Buckle Up: Fit your pet with a seat belt harness. Think of this like a seat belt for your pet. After all, you wouldn’t put your child in the car without a seat belt, so why would you treat your animal child any differently? The best seat belt harnesses are those that are crash-test approved, as you know they’ll keep your pet safe even in a high-speed crash.
  • Use The Backseat: Not only will your pet be less of a visual distraction while he or she is in the backseat, putting your pet somewhere other than the passenger seat protects him or her against airbags.
  • Plan Ahead: If your pet will be in the car for a longer drive, feed him or her at least a few hours before you leave. This way, the food will have a chance to digest and your pet is less likely to feel nauseous out on the road.

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