How to Be Safe in the Sun

Everyone loves the summer; the days are longer, the sun is bright, and topping up your tan can make you feel slimmer and healthier. However, it’s important that you spend your time in the sun wisely. With the earth’s damaged ozone layer, the sun’s UV rays are penetrating the planet’s surface at a concentrated level. To keep your family happy and safe this summer, we’ve compiled a list of sun safety tips so that you can feel prepared to enjoy your glorious summer break.
Wear Sun Screen
If you’re going to brave the rays, make sure you wear proper sunblock. Remember to reapply sunscreen after swimming and sweating – or at least every 2 hours you are out in the sun. Sunscreen should also be applied at least 15 minutes before going outside. This gives your skin enough time to absorb it properly.
Stay Hydrated
If you’ve been inside the office for months, it’s likely that your body won’t be used to hot weather. Remember to pack plenty of water and juice on days when you will be out in the sun. Your body needs to replace those fluids that you lose to sweating more. If you find that you aren’t sweating enough, your body temperature could rocket, and this can quickly lead to dehydration or heat stroke. If you have children, ensure that they have plenty of water with them, too.
Dress to Protect
Aim to dress in light cotton or linen shirts, shorts, and a wide-brim hat to protect your skin from the sun and to keep you cool. Light clothing that covers your neck and shoulders will also save sensitive areas from getting burned. Remember to wear sunglasses, too.
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