Safety Tips for Road Tripping This Holiday Season

TrafficRoad Tripping Safety Tips for Navigating the Holiday Chaos
Will you be partaking in holiday traveling and road tripping across the country this holiday season? If so, there is a variety of planning measures necessary for deep thought. Yes, your traveling plans and getting the gifts to arrive on time is important, however, there are a variety of tips for traveling that will help your journey and make for a pleasant holiday vacation. Keep these important tips for traveling with ease in mind:

  • Your holiday travels will be ruined if your car breaks down halfway down the coast. Therefore, make sure to have your car inspected by a mechanic before you hit the roads. This will ensure that your car is ready to handle the New York streets.
  • Plan your route, and alternate routes out in advance. This will allow you to avoid congested areas and get to your destination in the timeliest manner.
  • Rather than stopping at fast food restaurants and gas stations for water and snacks, pack some healthy choices for the ride. This will not only allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle on your trip, but it will also allow you to arrive at your destination faster without any unnecessary pit stops.
  • If you will be driving through rough terrains, make sure to have your winter safety kit prepped and ready to go. This kit should have flares, flashlights, a battery operated radio, a first aid kit, and anything else you may need in an emergency.
  • Most importantly, do not let the congested roads or weather bring you down! This road trip is intended to bring the family closer together, and not cause chaos. Remember to hug those traveling with you and show your appreciation.

Happy Holidays! We encourage you to celebrate the holiday season safely and responsibly! Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your New York auto insurance needs. Please do not hesitate to give us a call before you embark on your road trip to confirm coverage.

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