Put Injuries On Ice With Shovel Safety Tips

homeowners insurance hudson nySnow Removal Tips For Your Sidewalks
While the current snow brings a great excuse to get cozy at home with a mug of tea and a good book or gather friends and family indoors for important community time, it can also bring more work for you in the form of snowy sidewalks.
If someone slips and falls on a walkway in front of your house, you could be held liable for not clearing it. In other words, a passing stranger or disgruntled guest could legally hand you his or her medical bills. To prevent you from facing this kind of expense, use these snow removal tips.

  • Get Your Gear: Shoveling snow can be arduous, but if you have the right equipment it will feel more manageable. Dress breathable but with warm layers to ensure you are protected from the cold, and get an ergonomic shovel to take the pressure of a snowy load off of your back and knees.
  • Practice Posture: Try to keep your back straight during your shoveling. This will be easier if you can push snow to the side rather than lifting it. If you have to lift a snow-laden shovel, use your knees—not your back—and turn your whole body rather than twisting your back to deposit it in the bank.
  • Support Yourself: Listen to your body. If you are getting fatigued, take a break. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water. Pay attention to your body so you do not overexert yourself.

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