Maintain productivity in your company by protection your workplace during flu season.

Research shows that colds and the flu account for 10 to 20 percent of all absences from work. Not only does this mean that your team member is suffering from sniffles and sore sinuses, but this means that your business loses out on productivity and growth. Employers are encouraged to incorporate anti-flu initiatives in their wellness program that provide awareness and decrease the risk of spreading the illness at the office. As a business owner, you can protect your workplace during flu season.
Encourage sick employees to stay at home. The best way to get over the flu is to rest. Remind employees to stay home when they’re sick and even offer a work from home day if employees are not feeling 100 percent. Sick employees will not be productive at work and may end up spreading the illness to others.
Supply hand sanitizers. Alcohol sanitizers are a great way to stop the spread of germs that aren’t washed away by soap and water or in between washings. Keep hand sanitizers in convenient areas around the office.
Stop the spread. Encourage employees to not share computer equipment, pens, and other devices to stop the spread of germs. If they do need to use another person’s piece of equipment, ensure that antibacterial wipes are around to remove germs before use.
Book a few extra office cleaning. If your business hires a team of professional cleaners to clean every night, try booking in a couple of extra cleanings a week. Advise your cleaning service that you would like extra attention paid to kitchens, restrooms, the break area, and office desks – using a virus-busting cleaning solution.
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