Review these music festival safety tips before heading out!

Summer music festivals are kicking into high gear. From Coachella, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, Burning Man, and more, many of us have muddy, long, and fun weekends ahead. The big draw to these festivals is to squeeze in seeing as many bands as possible in a short time while indulging in a days-long party. Even so, it’s important to keep your wits about you and consider essential music festival safety tips beforehand.
Check out the essentials of what you need to know before you go!
Get the lay of the land.
Once you get to the festival, grab a map and familiarize your surroundings and have an ‘exit’ strategy planned. It is also important to know where the first aid tents are in case of an emergency.
Take plenty of sunscreen.
You’re going to be out and about all day for 3 (or more) solid days. Getting a really bad sunburn on your first day can hinder the rest of your fun for the entire festival. Be sure to take plenty of sunscreen and apply regularly. Better yet, take sunglasses and a hat to shield your face and scalp from the summer sun.
Use the buddy system.
Go with a group and make sure to have a reliable ‘festival buddy’ who has your back. Similarly, make sure you keep an eye on your buddy, that they are accounted for, and that they’re safe.
Exercise care with alcohol.
It’s important to remain safe when consuming alcohol, especially at festivals. Never take drinks from strangers and keep a hand over your open drink, too. Alcohol is dehydrating, so you’ll need to keep sipping on water.
Have a plan for your car.
If you’re driving to the festival, aim to park in a safe and secure location, and hide any valuables out of sight before you leave it. Don’t be tempted to sleep in your car, either. The high temperature during the day will linger in your vehicle even as the night cools down, and sleeping in your car will keep you off the cool ground.
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