Millennial Workforce BenefitsBusinesses need to adapt to the growing workforce, predominately Millennials.

As a business owner, you’ll understand the importance of keeping up with the times. Unless you’re still marketing solely in newspapers and have no digital data, then you’ve adopted to the new technology that has impacted businesses. Similarly, businesses should keep up with the ever-changing workforce. As Generation Y is edging near retirement, research shows that Millennials are now the largest workforce demographic that’s shaping the way we do business. Instead of catering towards a generation that is being phased out, you should focus on these sought-after Millennial workforce benefits.
This group of workers is interested in work-life integration, making the pieces of their professional life and personal life align so that they fit together seamlessly. With the right perks and benefits, your business can attract and retain top talent within this demographic!
The top four benefits ranked by Millenial employees are:
Unlimited paid time off: As the line between professional and personal time is becoming increasingly blurred, giving employees more freedom over their time off can be an appealing option.
The option to work remotely: Millennials hate to think that they’re chained to their desk. With the rise of technology, teams are able to complete tasks, communicate instantly, and even conference call, all from within their own home, Starbucks, or another location outside of the office. In keeping with the work-life integration, three out of five Millennials expect to be able to work remotely.
Wellness plans: Now, most mid-sized to large employers are offering some kind of investment in wellness initiatives. Employees are looking for more than just a gym membership; they want stress management plans, yoga classes, mental health support, and more a la carte options.
Flexible schedule: Along with the telecommuting option, today’s employees want to have a flexible work day without scheduled work hours. This provides the freedom to plan their day to meet work goals and run errands!
As your business grows and adapts, you’ll have more incidents to prevent and more staff to protect. Pair these Millennial workforce benefits with all-encompassing business insurance coverage by calling Lofgren Agency, serving Hudson and surrounding cities in New York today.

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