Avoiding Maydays On Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend Safety Tips Protecting Your Holiday Weekend Travels
It has been a while since the winter holiday season, meaning you are probably very much looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend. Finally offering a reprieve from the 40-hour work week grind, Memorial Day Weekend offers you and your family the chance to take some extra time to enjoy each other’s’ company and the warming weather.
You and your family deserve to have a stress-free trip, so we would like to offer the following Memorial Day travel safety tips.

  • Stay Alert: On a long car trip, it is easy to get fatigued and lose your focus. Avoid this by regularly rotating drivers and taking scheduled breaks. Also, when you are behind the wheel, avoid distracted driving by stowing your phone and having your passenger serve as a navigator and DJ.
  • Prepare: So you never encounter an overwhelming issue on the road, do not let your gas tank level drop below a quarter tank. You never know when if the next gas station could be closed; it is simply not worth risking getting stranded by the side of the road. Also, keep a disaster supply kit—complete with a first aid kit, extra layers of clothing, water, and nonperishable food—in your trunk so that if you do have to wait for roadside assistance, you will be prepared.
  • Light Up: Do not be afraid to use your headlights. At dawn, dusk, and on cloudy days your headlights can give oncoming drivers the time they need to prepare in order to safely pass you.

A crucial aspect of keeping your family protected on the road this Memorial Day Weekend and beyond is carrying great auto insurance. Serving Chatham, Hudson, and all of New York, Lofgren Agency is here to help you get the right policy to help you rest easy during all of your summer travels. Contact us today!

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