Social Media Safety Tips for Kids

Being a parent is a minefield. Protecting your child isn’t exactly easy, and as soon as the Internet came on the scene, everyone knows that there’s even more to think about. As with anything, the online world has a darker side. However, that doesn’t mean you need to lock up technology and stop your children from being exposed to it. It’s natural for children to be curious about social media, especially with all the hype. To help your child stay safe while using social media, check out these tips.
Set up a private account. Alongside your child, set up their social media profile. Ensure that their profile is set to Private so that only people whose friend request they approve will be allowed to see their content.
Avoid setting a location. Discourage your child from posting their location. Many apps have a geolocation feature (or ‘Location Services’), so make sure this is turned off. Ensure that your child does not post their address online, too.
Keep friends to a minimum. Discourage your child from accepting friend requests from strangers. Anyone can add you as a friend by default on Facebook, but you can change it to Friends of Friends.
Use parental controls. It’s way too easy to find inappropriate content online. Parental controls can protect your children from seeing irrelevant content and clicking on malicious sites.
Set screen time rules. Set times that they can use the main laptop or computer as well as social media. Scrolling through social media before they go to sleep can hinder their night.
Keep communication open. Children won’t listen to you if you just set rules with no explanation. Let them know why social media can be dangerous and encourage them to come to you with any issues or concerns.
We hope that these tips give you peace of mind that your child is safe on social media sites. Rest easy knowing that your finances are safe and protected. Visit Lofgren Agency for the reliable insurance policies you need and deserve.

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