Prepare insurance in Hudson for your business’s holiday party.

It’s the holiday season and that means one thing – festive holiday parties! If you’re hosting the office holiday party to celebrate the company’s recent success, you’ll want to enter the New Year on a high note. With that said, it’s easy to get carried away during the festivities. In order to wake up the next morning without bad news or a fresh lawsuit, check these tips to protect your business through the party, and what insurance in Hudson can do this!
Serve Alcohol with Caution: Relaxing is all part of the fun. But, consuming too much alcohol can turn your employees into raging liabilities. Often, the person or company sponsoring a social event is responsible for what happens during and after the event. In some places, the host is liable for serving alcohol to intoxicated guests and for allowing a drunk person to drive.
If you plan to offer alcohol at your holiday party, limit your liability by holding the event in an off-site location. Better yet, issue two ‘drink tickets’ that guests can redeem at the bar. If people have to pay for their alcohol, they’re less likely to get very drunk.
Provide a Taxi Service: The best way to make sure that your employees aren’t driving home tipsy is to offer a taxi service. In the days of Lyft and Uber, this is a reasonable and fairly low expense for any given business.
Know What Your Insurance Covers: If damage or injury occurs during the holiday office party, your workers’ compensation insurance policy may provide coverage. Even so, be aware that many general liability business insurance policies don’t provide coverage if an event involves a third-party vendor. Review your insurance before the big night to ensure that you have the optimum amount.
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