Snow Safety: Prevent Ice Dams & Carry Homeowners Insurance

Ice Dams & Homeowners Insurance Hudson NY

Protect your home against the winter’s dangers with these ice dam prevention tips and Hudson, NY homeowners insurance.

Ice dams might sound like something that would affect your local river but, in fact, they’re a hazard everyone homeowner who lives in the snow faces. They’re caused when snow melts of your roof, reaches the colder area at your eaves, and refreezes, creating a dam. Once started, this dam can build, accumulating snow and ice on your roof. A large enough ice dam can create a weight too heavy for you roof to bear!
You can be proactive in your ice dam prevention and damage minimization by using these tips and carrying Hudson, NY homeowners insurance.

  • Know how to prevent the issue. Many people think heating your roof is the solution, but that will actually drive more water towards your roof’s edge to refreeze. Instead, your goal should be to keep your roof cold.
  • If you have an attic hatch or whole-house fan, cover it. Weather stripped caps from foil-faced foam board will do the trick, ensuring that hot air doesn’t escape higher up on your roof, causing snow to melt on only a portion of your roof.
  • Insulate your attic. Your goal should be to keep warm air from reaching your roof at all. The bonus of insulating your attic is that more warm air will stay in your home, reducing your overall heating costs this winter.
  • Ventilate your roof with cold air. Use a ridge vent connected with soffit vents to create a pathway for cold air to travel under your roof.

Despite all of your efforts, it is possible that fluctuating temperatures could cause ice dams on your roof. Should the worst happen and your roof cave under their weight, would your Hudson, NY homeowners insurance coverage offer your family the protection it needs? Contact Lofgren Agency, serving Chatham, Hudson, and the rest of New York, to learn how to safeguard your home in the snow.

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