How to Take Care of Your Pet This Holiday Season

Keep Your Pet Healthy Throughout the Festive Period

The holiday season is filled with joyful times with loved ones – including your pets! Unfortunately, pet dangers increase during the holidays. The holiday festivities increase the opportunity for pets to their paws on toxic foods, drinks, and decorations. Common harmful foods include chocolate, nuts, and raisins which are particularly prominent around the holidays. Take a look at these ways to take care of your pet this holiday season.

Keep decorations out of reach

Decorations can seem tempting for pets since they’re often shiny, small, and new. Keep decorations out of the way of your pets as they can be harmful to cats and dogs. That might mean moving candles and garland out of reach of pet paws, and placing the tree away from their bed.

Beware of holiday sweets

Sweets, candy, and indulgent foods – it comes with the holiday season. Dogs, in particular, are pretty undiscerning about what they eat, and holiday candies hold a lot of appeal. Chocolate is extremely toxic to cats and dogs, and you should ensure your pet has no access to this tempting treat. Avoid giving them scraps from the dinner table. Instead, provide your pet with a healthy and nutritious dinner.

Consider gift wrapping to be a hazard

Presents under the tree may look picturesque but gifts left on the ground can meal that dogs and cats have easy access. Tearing paper, running into boxes, and chewing ribbon can cause harm to your pet. If these items are swallowed, they can cause stomach upset or even blockage.

These tips can help you prepare your pet for the holiday hazards ahead. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact Kneller Agency today!

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