Top factors to consider before installing solar panels.

Whether you’re committed to leading a greener lifestyle or simply wanting to save money on your energy bill, opting for solar panels is an excellent way to start. Solar panels on your home’s roof provide you with green, clean, and completely renewable energy as they are fuelled by the sun’s solar energy. The concept is incredibly neat and highly efficient, but before you start installing solar panels, consider these factors first.
Assess the roof – You’ll need to determine if your roof can physically withstand the weight of the solar panels. If you have an older home or an attic infested with termites, your home’s structure may become weak and collapse under the weight of the panels. To assess your roof, hire a professional contractor to determine if your home is eligible.
Pick the right type – The solar panel market has boomed, creating panels that suit every kind of home. You may want a panel that can withstand high winds or a rimless panel. Determine what type of panel you want so that you can calculate shipping and purchase costs.
Don’t forget to apply – In many areas in California, you’ll need to write to the council to outline your plans for solar panel installation, as well as listing the contractor’s details.
Find the right contractor – Not just anyone can install solar panels. You’ll need a licensed professional who can work with your home, is experienced, and can fit your budget. Ask around and shop online for a reliable contractor.
Call your insurer – Installing solar panels is an excellent way to improve the value and efficiency of your home. Call your insurance provider to let them know about the changes. You may need to update your home insurance to receive the right amount of coverage.
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