Get Your Head in The Gutter: Prep Your Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NY For Fall

Get Your Head in The Gutter: Prep Your Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NY For FallReady your home for autumn and protect it with homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY.

The kids are heading back to school, the Halloween décor is out in the shops, and the nights are drawing in; the signs of autumn are all around us. While the thought of fall may bring a chill to homeowners, ensuring your property is kept clear of damage in autumn weather is a task to take on now! In turn, you can keep your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY in check.
With the New York weather about to turn, spare a thought for your home’s health, and add these tasks to your To-Do checklist!
Get your head in the gutter. Inspect and clean gutters, removing debris that could cause blockages. Position your downspouts away from the house’s foundation so that water is led away from the house.
Get on top of your roof problems. Inspect your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing, and leaking vents that could cause further issues for your home.
Freshen your filters. Renew your furnace filters as they may be dirty from the year gone. Replace your clothes dryer filter too, and while you’re at it, clear dust and debris from around the machine.
Test it out. Inspect your smoke and CO monitors to ensure that their batteries are working, replacing them with a fresh set if needed. Install fire extinguishers around the house, review fire escape plans, and rid your home of old newspapers and other fire hazards.
Get cozy. Hire a professional to clean and inspect your heater, fireplace, and chimney to make sure all is in order before heating your home for the cooler months.
As you pack away the beach towels and summer clothes, don’t forget about the safety of your home. Autumn can bring destruction on a house which takes huge expenses to repair and rebuilding.
Step up your homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY for the all-encompassing protection that your home needs and deserves. Contact Lofgren Agency for all of your coverage needs!

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