Belongings Thieves Like to Target

While there are many preventative measures you can take to avoid burglary, there’s always a small possibility that you can fall victim to the evil crime. While homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY can help replace stolen items, it’s wise to take active steps to prevent your items from falling into the wrong hands. To help you properly protect your belongings, we’ve compiled a list of common items that are stolen time and time again so that you can keep these items extra safe.
It’s no surprise that the number one thing a thief hopes to find is a stash of cash. It’s untraceable, doesn’t need to be sold, and can be slipped easily into the bad guy’s pocket. Be sure that you don’t leave spare cash lying around and stash your wallet in an unusual hiding place before going to bed.
Most likely due to the fact they’re often left outside, bikes are one of the more commonly stolen items. It seems obvious but taking simple measures, such as using a bike chain and padlock, can greatly reduce the chance of the bike being stolen. When you first purchase a bike, be sure to take photos of it and record any serial numbers. Additionally, add it to your home inventory so that you receive coverage for it if it is stolen.
Power tools and other building supplies are highly desired by thieves because they are relatively easy to get rid of and can bring in a tidy sum of cash. A locked tool cabinet might be a deterrent, especially if it takes time to break into.
Jewelry, Watches
Jewelry and watches can bring in fast cash for burglars. More often than not, these expensive valuables are left on nightstands and desks. The best way to keep your jewelry safe is to store it out of sight and locked away in a box or safe.
Protecting your home and belongings should be your priority. Fortunately, homeowners insurance in Hudson can help. Talk to the team at Lofgren Agency to find out how we can protect your possessions.

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