Business Insurance in Hudson, NYIf you run a business from your home, you’ll need the right insurance in Hudson, NY.

Thousands of people work out of their own homes across the U.S. but have yet to realize that their homeowners or renters insurance may not be adequate coverage for their business. As a result, you should acquire the right insurance in Hudson, NY so that your business, as well as equipment, are protected.
Firstly, read your current homeowners insurance policy to determine what is covered and what isn’t. Talk to your local insurer to find out if your homeowners policy is insufficient to protect your business. Homeowners insurance may not provide full protection by:

  • Limiting coverage of business equipment
  • Not protecting you from work-related incidents that occur in your home
  • Not protecting your clients or employees if they are injured in your home
  • Proving no coverage from cyber breaches.

Home-based business owners typically have two types of business insurance to consider. The policy that you choose will depend on the size, type, and risks of your business, among other factors.

  1. Adding a rider to a homeowners or renters insurance policy. This low-cost option provides limited additional coverage. It may offer protection for a small amount of business equipment and liability coverage if a third-party, such as a delivery person, is injured in your home. If you have limited liability exposure, minimal business equipment, and infrequent visitors, this could be the option for you!
  2. Business owner’s policy (BOP). This type of policy provides the most comprehensive coverage for home-based companies. From unexpected business interruptions, damages to business equipment or data, and professional liability claims, you can be sure that your home-based business is safe.

Get started on your tailored home-based business insurance in Hudson, NY by contacting the professionals in New York today – Lofgren Agency. Our expert agents can guide you through the process simply and quickly so that you find the best rate and cover in no time!

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